>Busy Busy Bee…


^^ This top/dress is so adorable with a pair of jeans. ^^ and this top is a combination of a thrift store top (the pink part) that still had the tags on and then the striped top I made and attached the two.

Love this REVERSible dress^^^^^^^^^ I made it from a dress I had laying around that didn’t fit right but I never returned because I liked the fabric. So I cut it up and made it reversible with the solid black. I am so happy with the result and can’t believe how far my clothes making has come in just a week or so.

^^ my little stash of dresses/tops ^^ love this top.. it turned out way different from what was in my head but I just went with the idea and it turned out so beautifully. And all the fabric came from my scrap bin. I can’t believe I almost got rid of the yellow fabric. I’m so glad I didn’t. I am such a pack rat some times but I guess it pays off sometimes.
This yellow top I have lined with a yellow solid so there aren’t any raw edges or seams showing. Cameron loves the little birds and the silky feel.

^^^This teal garden party dress and this ^^ butterfly one are the same dress only reversible!

I have been sewing a lot lately and have put in two nights this week that I didnt go to bed until 3:30! Just yesterday I think I set a record by getting 2 dresses/tops, 2 diaper bags, and a messenger bag made up in ONE day! I’ve never done so much before. But I love to stay up late and get things done without distractions. I live off of this stuff and I see on the site they have other flavors so maybe I’ll be able to find those in the states. We only have the Original here and it’s a lot cheaper here at only 3$ something compared to the site at almost 5-6$. crazy. But it’s organic so that is always wonderful! Anyway…
I’ve figured out how to make up these little dresses and I already posted about them before but I’ve made up a few more and am getting really quick at getting them made. I used one of cameron’s dresses and then looked online for a few tips to make the reversible ones. I am going to make up a few more hopefully soon and start listing them on etsy. I love how they fit well but they grow with my girls. Cameron will be wearing them for a long time. And I love anything reversible because I love to have options. This winter I will just pair them with a long sleeved top and a pair of jeans or thick tights. Well it is nap time here so I need to hurry up and get sewing while everyone is sleeping.. I’ll post some pictures of the adorable elephant diaper bags I made up later. Or you can go to my etsy; www.juanitashandmade.etsy.com and get a preview now.. have a great weekend. its beautiful in germany and my hubby doesn’t have to go back to work until tuesday!! yay for days off finally! he deserves it.

>2:30 a.m.


Well I am back and sooo much has happened since I last wrote. And now it is 2:30 am so I guess I will catch you up on things.. lol I have no idea why I all of a sudden felt like writing now, but please over-look the typo’s if there are any because I get really sloppy at typing late at night (and early in the morning).
So, my husband returned from Iraq, safe and sound, and I am so thankful he is home. Things are so different with him home but its a good different. The girls were so happy to see him. They followed him around non-stop for the first two weeks he was home and I just couldn’t get enough of saying ‘go see your daddy’. He was lucky enough to get 3 weeks of R&R before he had to return to work and we did absolutely nothing and it was Great! We do live in Europe and could have gone 100 different places but it all didn’t matter. As long as we were together I didn’t even care to go anywhere, just to sit around and watch movies with him was as good as it could have gotten for me. But he is back at work now and we’ve gotten into a good routine. I am just so thankful to have him home, its the best feeling!
Little Cameron decided she would start talking once daddy got home too. She had a few words before that but her vocabulary has multiplied ever since he got home. I guess she didn’t want him to miss anything.
I have been busy sewing and have gotten a lot done in the past couple of weeks. I had a rummage/craft sale last weekend and did alright. People keep emailing me and telling me they couldn’t get to the sale and if they could stop over. So I’ve been making money all week from different people stopping over. It’s like the longest yard sale I’ve ever had.. lol But I have a lot to get rid of before we move in a month. And I sold a few bags and posted the ones I still have on my etsy page. I’ve been doing well and have sold a few since I posted the other day too, so things are going really well. I’ve decided to try and make some clothes for the girls lately too. I’ve read a lot of different craft and sewing blogs and there are a lot of challenges out there, that challenge you to repurpose the clothes you have in your closet or repurpose things you got at a thrift store. So I’ve sort of started to try that out. I’ve never really done any clothing before but little girl dresses are the easiest thing and a great way to start. I’ve made Cami a couple pillow case-type dresses and they look so cute by themselves or with a pair of jeans. The tops will even fit Brooklyn as a tank top, so I was so happy with myself on how they turned out. I made one more that I will have to post later because I haven’t gotten pictures of it yet. It’s my favorite of the three too.
The movers will be here tomorrow to take the first shipment of things and it feels good to get the entire process started. It will just be a small shipment of essentials that we will need once we get to Little Rock AFB. And it will be there waiting for us so we have some kitchen things and other necessities.
I thought there was more I wanted to post but it’s now 3 am and I am about to crash. So I’ll have to write later. I just had to get something posted since it has been so long. Hopefully now I’ll keep things posted a little more frequent and get updates on the move and all.