>Happy Earth Day & Giveaway!


We’re having a wonderful Earth Day here in Arkansas. The weather is a beautiful 85degrees and sunny. We finally got around to putting in a small raised bed garden, so i guess that is our tiny input for earth day. I’ve been composting ever since we moved into our house so it was great to finally mix in the wonderful compost to our garden.
In celebration of Earth Day there is a really great giveaway going on over at Everyday Beautiful. Jody has a great etsy shop where I get a lot of my fabrics so go on over and check out her site, her shop, and sign up for the giveaway. Oh I guess I should mention that she is giving away a fat quarter bundle of super soft Cloud 9 Organic Fabric from her Fabric Shoppe. I’ve been eyeing up this wonderful bundle of fabrics for awhile now. They would make some beautiful things for the new baby.
Well Happy Earth Day everyone, and I really hope you treat everyday as Earth Day. Its great to pay extra attention to taking care of our beautiful planet but don’t let the good deeds stop after today or even this week. Its something we have to do everyday. =)

>Tuesday Loves

>There are so many pages and blogs and projects saved as favorites on my browser lately that I have been so anxious to share with everyone so I thought I’d post a few of them today..
I also have a few DIY projects that I have plans to post some time soon. I have been a busy little bee lately and that is partially to blame for the horrible lapse in postings…

So here they are and I pray that everything formats the way I would like it to.

This isn’t the bed we built, I havent taken pictures of it yet, but its on the list of things to get done.

If you havent heard of the site Knock off Wood yet, be prepared to be amazed, and if you have already heard of it, then I assume you are a frequent visitor like myself and lots of other DIY-ers. To give you a quick idea of her site, it is this; She is a carpenter that builds furniture inspired by expensive retailers, and provides the finished plans for everyone else to use. We built the farmhouse (pottery barn inspired) bed and we’ve been getting so many comments on it and it cost us a fraction of the price to build it ourselves. And it is so rewarding, especially building something that substantial. People hardly believe me when I show them the bed we built and tell them the amazingly reasonable cost in supplies we spent to build it.

My next love is this amazing blog, Young House Love, I think it was how I found the knock off wood blog. I don’t quite remember though because I wander from blog to blog and don’t even remember what I was looking for or how I got there. This blog is filled with so many things I love, such as buying and fixing up a home, DIY projects, especially on a budget, money/budget advice, preparing for a baby, decorating a nursery and home on a budget and also being environmentally concious… this blog is filled with soo many things that I am interested in and I am not the only one that follows along with the Yougsters. It is a very popular blog and I believe the husband actually works from home making the blog his full time job. So go on over and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed, but don’t blame me if you get lost reading old post for the next few hours.. And along with all the knock off wood brag pages and plans you should be set for a full night of blog reads.

I am in loooove with this bag from this etsy shop, Quote. I think I may see if i have some similar fabrics and try and make one for myself.. I keep going back to look at it, but I am too thrifty to for the 78$ price tag.

I have never been one for alcoholic drinks but after living in Germany for 3 years I found that I love a nice glass of sweet wine. I would always save the empty bottles hoping that I would find a use for them. And after having the moving company pack and ship who knows how many empty bottles half way across the world and convincing my husband that we can’t throw them out, I have finally found an amazing use for them. I stumbled across this etsy shop, who knows how I found them, but I was so excited to see this great idea for re-using the old wine bottles. I am thinking that I will be able to find the toppers and the rope at a local Lowes or Home Depot. I hope its that easy but I am planning post a DIY after we try it out and see what works for us.

>Darn you blogspot..

>This darn blogspot has been driving me crazy for the past few months. I’ve tried posting a few different times when i had some awesome ideas to post.. but after a couple hours of frustration trying to get pictures to go with the correct words I gave up. so.. I’m not sure what I am going to do. Maybe just more frequent shorter posts instead of the long posts I was trying to do. We’ll see how this goes.

>Juanitas Handmade now found locally!

>Well, locally if you live in the Bemidji, MN area that is. I am so excited to be one of the newest artists to be selling my things at The Yellow Umbrella in Bemidji, MN. The shop is so cute and filled with lots of handmade and vintage goodness. I dropped off a lot of things when I was just home for a visit to see family and I thought I’d post what you can find there and I have a lot of new things made up that I am working to get in the mail soon, hopefully in about 2 weeks. So I know I’ve sold a few things already but this is the list of things I dropped off. I am not sure what has sold specifically, so you’ll just have to stop in and check things out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed and if you’re like me you will be overwhelmed by the shops handmade beauty! Its about time a shop like this has opened up in the area. =)
So I will post in a separate post some of what I dropped off at the shop in Bemidji, MN.