>Oh, what to do, what to do..

>Oh, this darn blog. I’m about to trash it and start fresh. I have good intentions of posting things on here and keeping up with it. But I’ve found that posting pictures and getting the formatting just right is really frustrating and it makes me not want to post. I suppose I should just start fresh. And I have been using my ‘juanitahandmade’ facebook to post links and keep up with people, so it seems a little repetative posting things twice. I think with the new blog I am going to use it more as a journal and just keep updates with the kids, projects I’m working on, things going on in our lives.. and such. I hate quiting things even though it’s a silly blog. It’s just something that bothers me. I guess I worry too much and get bothered by things that I shouldn’t waste my time worrying about. It’s a common problem I have, getting stressed over things that are silly or that I have no control over. But I’m working on it. My husband keeps me in check and reminds me of the important things in life. And looking at my three kiddos helps a lot too. There’s nothing more important than my wonderful family, it’s just those pesty adult responsibilities and worries that get in my way.
I’m going to work on finding a new blog home this week and maybe get some things organized so it gets off to a good start. =)