Random Ranting

Seems my posts lately have been just about life in general. I’m feeling sort of stuck right now, still living with the parentals while waiting for house buying things to get finished up.  I’ve got so many ideas for some awesome DIY projects and minimalist living posts, and homeschooling, and sewing.. but I feel like, ‘after the move’ has been my excuse for everything. I guess I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. I’m one of those people that need the right environment and mood to get things done. Like when my sewing space is organized or when I’m in the right mind set, with some good music. And at the moment I just get frustrated that I’m not doing what I want to do. Just passing the time and waiting for house closing. It’s annoying knowing that we should already be in the house. And Garrick isn’t here. Ugh. My sister is visiting this weekend and my parents are home for a couple days, so it’s nice to have other adults in the house, finally. It’s been a long week. I do have some good news.  I sold the car this week  so that has eliminated a bill and we are again a one car family. If we didn’t have kids and safety wasn’t an issue, I’m pretty sure I’d be riding my bike everywhere or if I drove a car, it would be a 500$ car. Vehicles are not a big deal to me. I agree that there are some great looking vehicles out there that catch my eye and look fun to drive but it’s annoying how the vehicle you drive is such a status symbol. It’s such a waste of money, especially if has bad fuel economy. It was kind of sad selling the car since it was our first big purchase as a family.  VW jettas are such great cars. It was a 6 speed and a lot of fun to drive. But it’s a relief not having another vehicle to maintain and I can quit rearranging vehicles in the driveway. And other good news is that Garrick is getting stationed at the base he wanted. He’s not with his friend he was hoping to get stationed with but at this other base he will still get to see his friends because it’s a base that everyone has to go through when coming and going w/ their company. So,  it’s a good thing. And no tent living which is nice too. He’s at training/orientation this week and will be ‘in country’ next week. It’s exciting, and honestly I’m jealous of all the adventures he’s able to go on. That is one of the hardest things about being a parent and the sacrifices that are made when a person chooses to have kids. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing husband that agrees the best place for me is at home with our kids. There are many times that we’ve talked about me going back to work but for now while the kids are young, and with all the big changes in our lives the past few years, we agree staying home is best. I know all the moving and deployments are hard on kids so I’m glad I’m able to provide a constant in their lives. Seeing all the milestones in their lives is also huge and so rewarding.


It’s getting late and I tend to stop making sense after midnight so I better stop now, before it all turns into nonsense.

Have a great weekend everyone, and be sure to check out the Yellow Umbrella’s Grand Opening celebration this weekend!!!


Passing Time


We’ve been doing our best to keep busy this past week. It’s hard to stay busy when I am in such a funk. I honestly don’t feel like doing anything, not even sitting around. It’s frustrating. The girls are doing so well though. I am so proud of them and their go-with-the-flow attitudes. They’re amazing. They keep asking when we’re moving and it’s tough making them wait a little while longer when we were supposed to be moved in by now.   Last Sunday my mom and the girls and myself spent the afternoon at Itasca, the headwaters of the Mississippi. I can’t remember when I was there last and it’s only an hour down the road. We meet my Aunt and her granddaughters (my cousin’s girls) there and it was such a great afternoon.  The girls all had someone to play with which was the best because I could sit back and relax for a bit. We had a picnic, played at the headwaters, went swimming and the kids played at the park.

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Not too sure how to explain how I feel right now. We dropped Garrick off at the airport this morning for his ‘deployment’. Even if he is a civilian now, he’s still decided to volunteer overseas and serve our country. Up until this week I forgot this feeling. We’ve been through this before but that doesn’t change the knot I have in my stomach, and the ache in my chest. I miss him. I just want to crawl in bed and sleep. Partly because I haven’t slept all week. I’m exhausted. I hate this feeling. I don’t want to eat or talk to anyone, but there is also this feeling for someone to talk  to, so I can stop feeling sad. It will get better, I just want to cuddle with my girls. We’re a busy family and my job is to keep things together. I’m a military wife which makes me part of the most amazing group of women I know. I hate not being on base with the support system and understanding that only other military wives provide.  But I know just because I’m not living close to my military friends doesn’t mean I don’t have their support. We’ve all been through this before and know how it feels. Even if you’re not military you probably know someone that is or has gone through a deployment. I guess I can’t organize my thoughts right now and am not sure where I’m going with anything. But just keep us and other military families in your thoughts.

Oh and to make this week even worse than it had to be, we’re not moved into our new house yet. We had a home buying nightmare 5 hrs before closing with our bank and weren’t able to move in this week. They had issues with him switching jobs even though we made things clear about his employment. It’s apparent someone, somewhere wasn’t doing their job and we now understand why so many veterans are homeless.  But we’ve switched banks and will close as soon as we get things switched over to the new bank. It’s just tough because Garrick won’t be in the new house with us like we had planned.  It’s been a heartbreaking week, but it will get better. Moving will keep us busy here at home and Garrick will be busy getting settled into his new home for a year somewhere in Afghanistan. And today the countdown to his leave starts so we’ll be able to see him in about 90 days. That is one ‘perk’ about this job compared to a regular military deployment, the fact that we’ll be able to see him for a couple weeks every 3 months. October will be here before we know it.

Have a great sunday everyone!

Monday’s Appreciate 5: Home Edition

It’s Monday!

So I thought with all the home buying craziness that has been going on at Casa Martin and moving in a couple days that I’d do a home edition appreciation. When we first started house hunting we weren’t even looking in the current city we decided to buy in. We were looking in a town almost 3 hours away because that is where I thought I wanted to live. And we still think we might end up there someday, just not right now. And the house we ended up making an offer on was completely not a house I thought we’d never end up with. I’m more of a four-square, bungalow, front porch, wide baseboard, sort of gal. BUT I am loving the house we found and the city that it is in. I am thankful that I kept an open mind and that we won’t be living in my parent’s basements for the rest of our lives.  So here is my list for this ‘Arkansas-weather-like’  Monday.

1. Fireplaces

2. Bike Trails

3. Original wood floors

4. Nanny Suite

5. Dated cosmetic features that I am able to put my creativity

and DIY know-how to use and make something that is ‘US’.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Stay cool and drink lots of water!

Art in the Park

We had an awesome time at Art in the Park today in Bemidji. It’s going on tomorrow also, if you missed the festivities today.  I’m so glad the girls love going to things like this. They probably just go to get their faces painted though. Today was the third time this summer they have had their faces painted by the same people. Jen and Oren do such a great job and my girls love them. Today they decided to be butterflies.

There were a lot of neat booths at the fair but the highlight of my day was seeing a girl walking around with one of my bags. It was such a proud moment. It made my week for sure! Is it too weird to say ‘hi’ in a situation like that? Suppose I should just say something like ‘awesome bag’ and runaway without introducing myself.. lol I know, I’m socially awkward.

I almost forgot about the great time the girls had at the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra booth. They would have stayed their all day if they could. The lady was so nice and let them try out the violin and cello. It reminded me that getting Brooklyn signed up for piano lessons is on my to-do list for this fall.

This booth had some really neat bear skin items, like these huge gloves and fuzzy hat. And next to those gloves are fuzzy bear skin slippers!

The girls recognized the famous Gaea beaver sculpture too. It was so funny seeing them get so excited over her.

It was a great Saturday and a fun day to be in Bemidji. We’re moving into our new house this week, and I’m really looking forward to living in Bemidji. The art community in Bemidji is so supportive. It’s nice to be part of such a unique community. I hope you’re all able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and keeping cool. Happy Saturday!!

Berry Farm

Going to the local Strawberry Farm has been on my list of things to do ever since we moved back home. So I think I was more excited then the kids to go. We went last week and had so much fun. It didn’t seem like we were even there very long before our buckets were full. The girls loved it and surprisingly didn’t eat that many berries. After we got home they did though. I froze about 7 quarts of berries so we’ll be able to eat them for awhile yet. For the rest of the day I kept a bowl of berries on the table so everyone could help themselves and enjoy the berries while they were so fresh.