Passing Time


We’ve been doing our best to keep busy this past week. It’s hard to stay busy when I am in such a funk. I honestly don’t feel like doing anything, not even sitting around. It’s frustrating. The girls are doing so well though. I am so proud of them and their go-with-the-flow attitudes. They’re amazing. They keep asking when we’re moving and it’s tough making them wait a little while longer when we were supposed to be moved in by now.   Last Sunday my mom and the girls and myself spent the afternoon at Itasca, the headwaters of the Mississippi. I can’t remember when I was there last and it’s only an hour down the road. We meet my Aunt and her granddaughters (my cousin’s girls) there and it was such a great afternoon.  The girls all had someone to play with which was the best because I could sit back and relax for a bit. We had a picnic, played at the headwaters, went swimming and the kids played at the park.

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One thought on “Passing Time

  1. Love the photos of the head Waters. has been years since I have been there…. Thanks for sharing the great photos of the girls…

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