Random Ranting

Seems my posts lately have been just about life in general. I’m feeling sort of stuck right now, still living with the parentals while waiting for house buying things to get finished up.  I’ve got so many ideas for some awesome DIY projects and minimalist living posts, and homeschooling, and sewing.. but I feel like, ‘after the move’ has been my excuse for everything. I guess I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. I’m one of those people that need the right environment and mood to get things done. Like when my sewing space is organized or when I’m in the right mind set, with some good music. And at the moment I just get frustrated that I’m not doing what I want to do. Just passing the time and waiting for house closing. It’s annoying knowing that we should already be in the house. And Garrick isn’t here. Ugh. My sister is visiting this weekend and my parents are home for a couple days, so it’s nice to have other adults in the house, finally. It’s been a long week. I do have some good news.  I sold the car this week  so that has eliminated a bill and we are again a one car family. If we didn’t have kids and safety wasn’t an issue, I’m pretty sure I’d be riding my bike everywhere or if I drove a car, it would be a 500$ car. Vehicles are not a big deal to me. I agree that there are some great looking vehicles out there that catch my eye and look fun to drive but it’s annoying how the vehicle you drive is such a status symbol. It’s such a waste of money, especially if has bad fuel economy. It was kind of sad selling the car since it was our first big purchase as a family.  VW jettas are such great cars. It was a 6 speed and a lot of fun to drive. But it’s a relief not having another vehicle to maintain and I can quit rearranging vehicles in the driveway. And other good news is that Garrick is getting stationed at the base he wanted. He’s not with his friend he was hoping to get stationed with but at this other base he will still get to see his friends because it’s a base that everyone has to go through when coming and going w/ their company. So,  it’s a good thing. And no tent living which is nice too. He’s at training/orientation this week and will be ‘in country’ next week. It’s exciting, and honestly I’m jealous of all the adventures he’s able to go on. That is one of the hardest things about being a parent and the sacrifices that are made when a person chooses to have kids. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing husband that agrees the best place for me is at home with our kids. There are many times that we’ve talked about me going back to work but for now while the kids are young, and with all the big changes in our lives the past few years, we agree staying home is best. I know all the moving and deployments are hard on kids so I’m glad I’m able to provide a constant in their lives. Seeing all the milestones in their lives is also huge and so rewarding.


It’s getting late and I tend to stop making sense after midnight so I better stop now, before it all turns into nonsense.

Have a great weekend everyone, and be sure to check out the Yellow Umbrella’s Grand Opening celebration this weekend!!!


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