not going to lie, i don’t love big bags.

You know what drives me crazy? Designer handbags. And before I get too far, I know many of my friends have them. Please don’t take an offense to this, I’m not picking on anyone in particular. I just want everyone to be more conscious about what you’re spending your money on.  When it comes to designer handbags, I just don’t get the appeal.  I think it was the combination of someone posting about a new Michael Kors store opening and then seeing a post about a new line of handmade bags on a facebook update. Everyone seems to have a designer bag or two, or three. Doesn’t it kind of bother you, that thousands of other ladies are going to have the exact same bag as you? And these bags all seem to cost a lot of money. This isn’t by any means a plug for buying my bags either. I know my bags have a handmade look and I completely understand that ‘look’ isn’t for everyone.  I make them because I enjoy the process, and just making things in general. I can only imagine what I could put together if I knew someone was going to pay me 100’s of dollars for the final product. And the end result would be an original that was handmade (with love). Not from a factory in a second or third world country. I read a statistic that the average designer handbag costs only $6.00 to make. That is an insanely low number! I can’t even buy a yard of fabric for $6!

So if you’re willing to spend the money to have a designer looking bag, I want to show you some businesses that make great bags that you can feel better about supporting.

Stephany Childers’ from Rebyc makes some badass bags! ( All her bags are made with recycled leather and fabric. Every bag is truly unique and original. If only I had a machine that could sew leather, and an unlimited supply of beautiful leather.  I’ve been eyeing her bags for SO long and someday maybe I’ll own one, if I could ever decide on just one.

Another company that is a little more affordable for the average person is,  They make beautiful bags and do a lot of giving back. You can definitely feel good about making a purchase from their shop. Here is a little excerpt from their mission statement “We hire women, who otherwise cannot get jobs, to work for BLB.  We rent them a sewing machine and tools while teaching them a skill set that allows them to become a primary or secondary provider in their families.  Most of these women are first generation immigrants from countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen, so we are also able to provide them with much needed fellowship and friendship as we visit their homes to deliver fabric and pick up orders.” And they give 10% of every sale to an entrepreneur in a developing country.

There are a lot of shops with beautiful bags that are worth checking out, weather its at a local shop in your town or on or  Be conscious when you spend money and know who you’re supporting.

I hope I didn’t offend any of my friends with this post. I really just needed get this out and don’t want anyone to take it personally.


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