happy birthday to me.

So, I’m sitting here thinking about tomorrow. Well it’s midnight so I guess it’s the day. Today is my birthday. And I’ve always had mixed feelings about this day. I am excited and anxious for it to arrive and it always seems so long for some reason.  It’s the last day of the month. It’s not like it actually takes longer, of course, but its just how I’ve always thought of it. But the usual special attention and all that comes with this day is nice. It’s my day out of all the other days in the year, that is mine, except for the fact of sharing it with my birthday buddies, Tyler and Sarah. (Happy Birthday Guys!!!) But I’ve always been sort of annoyed but my birthday. I feel like I never really feel my age and that this number that increases every year, is going far to fast. I may be 28, but honestly I don’t feel as though I should be more than 20. I feel when someone finds out my age that it should come with a disclaimer or something. I may be 28 but I don’t feel that old, or I don’t look that old.. I don’t know. But this year as I’m thinking about it all. I vow to not be annoyed by a number. There is a quote out there about, growing old and enjoying it because it’s a luxury that not everyone is afforded. It’s so true. I was Given these 28 years and there are people out there are hoping for one more year, or one more month, one more day. There are soldiers and families that would give anything for more time. People like Sgt. Kyle Osborne died, so that I could could have these 28 years and if God willing, I get one more.  Everyday is a gift from God and so many of us need to be reminded of that.  This next year is going to be my best year yet. I am going to live it to it’s fullest and live it for those who weren’t so lucky to see their 28th year. I know it’s an overused phrase these days, but I am going to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.  I’m going to experience all there is to experience, especially in our new state, Alaska. I am going to explore, and seize every day. I am going to love those around me. I am going to give every ounce of love I have away, to my amazing husband, my kids, my parents, the rest of my family, friends and everyone else I meet along the way. And I am going to laugh and enjoy the little things. I’m going to smile. I’m not going to take life too serious, and I plan to find the positive in every situation. Life is FUN, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.  Carpe Diem. 



2 AM Blog Post? Why Not!?

The story of my life. I am such a scatter-brain and so unorganized. It’s an awful combination. I get my mind stuck on one thing and that is all I think about for weeks. Then I get an idea or read or hear about something else and that consumes me again and I’m heading a completely different direction than I was last month.
Right now all I’ve thinking about is a minimalist lifestyle. I have been trying to downsize with the two moves we’ve gone through in the last couple of years. But then I stumbled upon this blog, The Minimalist Mom . It was so inspiring and she had links to other minimalist blogs and I got lost in blogland for a few hours. I know our living situation is not the same and certain things are more or less difficult with living ‘up north’. But I feel like everyone is always capable of doing more. I feel like living simplier makes life so much richer. I keep a facebook profile so I can keep up with ‘friends’ but really the most important relationships I need to maintain are right here in this house. And facebook is taking away quality time, that I feel like I can better spend doing other things. But on the other hand my amazing friend Sara (who is a facebook friend and not a face to face friend as a result of one of our moves) had a comment about facebook reaching the masses, and making a difference even if it has to be via facebook. It’s so true because I know a lot of people that won’t come to my blog but would make a comment on a status update. It is something I’m going to think about and not going to go making any rash decisions about. But it’s all something to take into consideration with truely wanting to live a minimalist lifestyle. It’s all about making what is most important, truely the MOST important. Even this blog is something I am questioning. Is it taking away from the kids? How much time a week am I willing to spend on this? Maybe I should just go live my minimalist lifestyle quietly, why do I have to blog about it? So much to think about, and all important things to take into consideration. We only get one life to live on this earth and am I really making the most of it? At church a couple weeks ago the sermon was sort of along this line, and I don’t know why a statement made about us never being any younger than we are at this moment really jumped out at me. We’re only getting older by the second so ‘carpe diem!’. And another statement that really hit hard was to think about all those people that have run out of time. There are so many people who are dying right now only wishing for more time and here I am a healthy young person and what I am doing with myself. How am I living my life and spending time with the people I love most? It’s a big thing to think about.
This is turning into such a serious post and I’m really not a serious person. But it’s something that has been on my mind for the past couple weeks that I’m really trying to work on. And I want everyone else to give it some thought.
Some other things that have been on my mind lately:
moving overseas again (trying not to get too excited about a potential job opportunity for the husband)
NATO job listing searches
Serging (with my ‘new to me’ hand me down serger!)
montessori homeschooling
this wrap/infinity dress
baking these delicious looking cheddar crackers (immitation gold fish crackers, YUM!)
Seems like a distraction like this always occurs when I know I am going to have to be the one to get up with the kiddos in the morning. (hubs is working all night tonight and day tomorrow) Already looking forward to my cup(s) of coffee in the morning.