’12 Days of Handmade’ Day 2: Cinnamon Cut Outs

'12 Days of Handmade' Day 2: Cinnamon Cut Outs

’12 Days of Handmade’ Day 2: Cinnamon Cut Outs

The house smells amazing after making these!

I found the tutorial here ( http://tinyurl.com/an8yyx2 ) We had trouble with getting the dough consistency right but the kids had fun. It was like playing with cinnamon scented play dough. So I found a Martha Stewart version of the recipe ( http://tinyurl.com/d3dok9r ) so we pretty much just made the first recipe and added some craft glue until things took shape. Then in the oven at 200*F until they were dried out enough, it took a few hours. I thought about painting them or adding some glitter but we decided they looked neat with out anything added.



’12 Days of Handmade’ Day 1: Sequin Ornaments

'12 Days of Handmade' Day 1: Sequin Ornaments

I found the tutorial here ( http://tinyurl.com/6n5e9vo ) , its super simple and took all of 5 minutes *unlike todays project =/

We accidentally forgot our box of decorations back in MN so I’m doing a ’12 days of Handmade Decorations’ with the girls to fill our tree with handmade goodies.

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